UK transition – is your business ready?

Posted: Tuesday 3rd November

The UK transition period will come to an end on December 31 which means businesses must act now. 

Anton Gunter, managing director at Global Freight Services, is advising businesses to keep preparing for the worst but hoping for the best when it comes to the UK striking a trade deal with the EU. 

He said: “Whatever happens the UK is leaving the EU and businesses must be prepared for that. Until we know the detail of any trade deal our advice is to prepare for the worst-case scenario and that’s not as challenging as it may sound. 

“The key thing for businesses trading internationally and those wishing to continue trading with EU countries is to understand the processes which will be involved from 2021 onwards.  

“There will be some delays initially with customs clearance and inspections at the border whilst the new system beds in but if you’re aware of what impact these might have on any goods you’re importing or exporting you can plan ahead.  

“Similarly, if businesses take some time to get their head around product classification codes and understand what duties and taxes they might be expected to pay on goods they can build these costs in and allow for any increased export expenditure. 

“Whilst it may take some time to navigate and understand the processes involved, the good news is once businesses become accustomed to them, it will become so much easier for them to trade globally because the import and export process is the same across the rest of the world as it will be for Europe.” 

Take a look at our previous web article here for some key pointers on how to make sure your business is prepared for the end of the transition period. 

For any further advice on import or export-related issues get in touch with Anton and the team by emailing or contacting 01952 270699. 

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