Time is ticking for new shipping regulations

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 14.18.56The business of shipping freight internationally is a complex one with new laws coming into force on a regular basis.

Any company that trades goods overseas needs to be aware of a new regulation that will become effective from July 1. From that date, the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention will stipulate that all containers have to have a verified gross mass before they are stowed on a vessel.

The whys and the wherefores of how this will happen and how it will be enforced is the subject of great debate within the industry although the reasoning behind it – which is to improve the safety of vessels, seafarers and dock workers – should be applauded.

The amendments to SOLAS and how it will work is a minefield and there is a lot of misinformation being bandied around. But it shouldn’t put companies off exporting as there can be a vast untapped international market for UK businesses willing to make the effort.

This is where a professional freight forwarding company like Global Freight Services can help. Our experience in the industry means we have the knowledge to take the pain out of exporting and prevent your shipment from falling foul of the new rules.

It’s important to find a reputable freight partner that you trust to deal with everything from logistics to customs red tape, to avoid potentially costly mistakes that could threaten your business.

It’s our job to stay on top of changes to the law and how that will affect you. Getting the right logistics partner removes some of the stress surrounding the legalities and regulations of moving goods overseas.

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