International trade expert welcomes boost in non-EU trade for UK

Posted: Friday 6th December

A Shropshire shipping company has welcomed new figures which show a boost in non-EU trade for UK firms.

Telford-based Global Freight Services says the national figures reflect its own experience working with SMEs.

The figures – released from the Office for National Statistics – highlights a general increased demand for British goods and services outside of the EU.

In the run up to October 31, exports to non-EU countries grew twice as fast as those to European counterparts with exports to the US and China continuing to rise, the stats show.

Anton Gunter, managing director of Global Freight in Halesfield, said the figures demonstrated an increased drive by small manufacturers to open up new global markets for their goods as they continue to face uncertainty over Brexit.

“We have been working closely with small businesses to help them break into new trading markets outside of the EU and it’s a trend that’s likely to be the case across the rest of Britain so it’s no surprise to see these figures,” he said.

“In many cases the continued uncertainty has opened up a wealth of opportunities for businesses which were perhaps previously overlooked.

“There is scope for even the smallest of companies to capitalise on trade outside the EU.

“Exporting doesn’t have to be about multi-million deals. Sending just one shipment, one package or one box to a new customer outside the UK can help grow a business’s bottom line.”

Last month Mr Gunter attended the annual AerOceaNetwork Conference in Panama along with dozens of freight forwarding companies from across the globe.

He said: “It was clear during this four-day conference that countries outside of the EU are very willing and open to trading with UK-based businesses. This in itself should give British firms the confidence they need to start pulling together a new export strategy for 2020 and beyond.”

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