International trade expert welcomes action for greener shipping

Posted: Monday 9th December

A shipping company has welcomed efforts to make the movement of goods across the globe a cleaner and more sustainable practice but has warned it will come at a cost for Shropshire businesses.

New stricter regulations governing sulphur emissions from ships are set to be introduced by the International Maritime Organization on January 1.

Telford-based Global Freight Services Ltd has welcomed the action which aims to make exporting by sea a much greener practice, however he says the move is likely to force up the cost of shipping goods.

Managing director Anton Gunter said: “Throughout 2020 and beyond the International Maritime Organisation is having a huge push on creating a more sustainable industry.

“In the current climate crisis it will force big shipping companies to be more responsible by encouraging them to use fuel oil which contains much lower levels of sulphur.

“As a freight forwarder we commend the move as this will help reduce harmful emissions which impact on health and the environment.

“As with all steps to operate greener, there are likely to be cost implications and businesses are likely to see the cost of shipping goods by sea increase.

“I would therefore urge all companies who regularly use sea freight for importing and exporting to make advance preparations.

“One of the biggest ways to bring costs down is to increase the size of shipments and reduce the frequency of consignments. This will not only have cost benefits but is also much better for the environment too.”

The current limit for sulphur in fuel oil used on board ships operating outside designated emission control areas is 3.5% m/m. From January 1 the limit will be reduced to 0.5% m/m.

Global Freight Services has been helping businesses to grow their international markets for more than 20 years. It is credited with assisting scores of companies to grow their operation by being a guiding hand when they launch international trade programmes.

Businesses requiring advice ahead of the shipping regulations being introduced can contact Global Freight Services on 01952 270699.

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