Are apprenticeships key to boosting UK exports?

Encouraging more young people to take up apprenticeship opportunities could be key to driving up UK exports, says Global Freight Services boss. 

Managing director Anton Gunter shares his thoughts on how to make Britain great again: 

Teaching young people how to make things is absolutely crucial trenbolone buy to our economy and for the future of UK exporting and we can do this by more widely promoting apprenticeships and in particular manufacturing apprenticeships. 

What we need to do, is make the proposition of an apprenticeship equally as attractive, if not more so, than a university education.  

Manufacturers themselves need to buy into this concept, they need to adapt, recruit and understand they can take a leading role in making the manufacturing sector strong again. 

Through better marketing strategies, UK manufacturing companies can start to change the perception of their industry.  

Making sure they are equipped for the modern world with modern technologies, they can begin to demonstrate to the younger generation, just how innovative and leading edge they are.  

Combine this with additional Government investment in manufacturing, and UK exporting could be back on track. Who knows, we might even be able to give other G7 countries a run for their money! 

The quality of products produced here in the UK is unquestionable. Our goods are sought after as is the Made in Britain stamp. Brexit and other external global factors such as the war in Ukraine cannot and should not stand in the way of growth. 

Those companies that step forward to embrace new technology, recruit young blood and positively promote themselves to the rest of the world through international trade will undoubtedly experience success.  

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