Could changing your mindset help alleviate your Brexit headache?

Posted: Friday 26th February

Running a successful business, no matter what sector you operate in requires a certain mindset. A way of thinking which enables you to see problems as opportunities, being creative to overcome challenges and having the ability to adapt. 

In many ways the same applies to Brexit and our MD Anton Gunter believes business owners could help to alleviate their headaches over Brexit by altering their mindset towards the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Speaking to a group of businesspeople from the UK’s manufacturing sector on this week’s episode of Kaizen Central on Zenoot TV, he offered expert advice to UK importers and exporters but also stressed the need for businesses to start accepting that the new EU trade processes were going to be far more time consuming.

In particular, he said it might be helpful for businesses to stop thinking about the new longer transit times for import and exports as ‘delays’ and accept these as being the new ‘normal’.

“Unfortunately, the vote to leave the European Union means that forever more the process of moving something to and from Europe has changed,” he said. 

“We need to get used to the fact there is an import clearance and export clearance process which has to take place and that takes time. 

“We also need to get our head around the fact that we can no longer quickly send a pallet to France and understand that Europe is an international country, and we are no longer part of it.

“The processes we are now having to do are the new normal and what people are seeing as delays are in fact just the new transit times.” 

Speaking after the live webinar Anton added: “Unfortunately, when it comes to trading with Europe, things have fundamentally changed forever, and businesses need to understand that the processes now involved are more time consuming.  

“Shifting our mindsets away from trying to improve or make the system more efficient and instead focusing on tapering customer expectations by building in longer lead times for delivery of goods will, we are certain, alleviate many of the headaches business owners are currently facing.” 

If you run an SME and are struggling to get your head around the new EU trade processes, then give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to solve any issues. 

We’re finding lots of small businesses are unsure about what information to include on declarations forms or other documentation. If this is you, our team can provide expert assistance. 

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