Companies urged to contribute to export research

Businesses are being urged to provide information for a national survey regarded as the most comprehensive barometer of the health of the UK’s export industry.

Companies in the region have a chance to contribute to a survey which international trade expert Nicole Howarth says provides critical understanding for policy-makers and analysts into the performance of exporters and
challenges they are facing.

The International Trade Survey of UK Exporters, spearheaded by Trade & Export Finance Ltd, was launched this month and will see more than 20,000 companies contribute to the report.

Mrs Howarth, managing director of Global Freight, said: “This is a vital piece of research and gives a real insight into the state of the export market. When the 2012 findings were announced by the All Party
Parliamentary Group at Westminster, they showed demand for UK products was fuelling export growth with over 70 per cent of businesses expanding their trade overseas, with resulting increases in turnover.

“Businesses, whether they are large companies with multiple export markets, or SMEs targeting only one or two countries, should take the opportunity to provide information about the challenges they are facing and the
successes they have achieved.”

The 2012 report also revealed that one of the biggest barriers to growth via export was lack of access to finance couple, with SMEs with turnovers below £5 million the hardest hit when seeking funding from banks.

It also found that the top seven markets for growth were Europe, China, India, North America, Middle East followed by Brazil and Russia.

Mrs Howarth added: “This year’s survey will assess conditions over the last year, and because of the more difficult European trading conditions in 2012, it will also assess exporters’ responses to the Government’s aim to boost the
number of companies exporting.

“Last year, I attended three Exporting for Growth events in Shropshire, aimed at helping companies to either launch or expand their overseas trade. I’d urge any company which attended those events and which has embarked on export
programmes since then to also take part in the survey.”

Companies wishing to take part in the survey should visit