Chinese Ports Impacted By Container Shortage

A severe shortage of container equipment is currently affecting Chinese ports, with Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Yantian among the worst affected.

Market conditions are beginning to resemble the difficult period that followed the outbreak of the pandemic, as carriers and ports run out of equipment. 40 foot high cube (HC) containers are in particularly low supply.

Global Freight Services reported the widespread capacity issues on ocean freight services from Asia earlier this month, but the shortage of equipment has added another level of difficulty in securing bookings aboard vessels.

Subsequently, we are witnessing disruption and even congestion at several ports in Northern China, with carriers waiting for import vessel arrivals to turnaround empty containers for immediate export.

We expect to see disruption to services during the next few weeks, and inevitably ocean freight rates are continuing to spiral upwards.

The Global Freight Services team are doing all that we can to manage and secure space, but please be aware we are facing challenging conditions. Therefore, we must request that clients try to book as early as possible to assist us in trying to avoid delays.