Businesses urged to kickstart international trading in 2022 with a logistics health check

In the last 18 months, UK businesses, particularly exporters, have had everything thrown at them – a global pandemic beyond anyone’s imagining, Brexit, new trade deals, a lorry driver shortage and rising shipping costs. 

However, despite all this disruption, businesses have continued to trade internationally and according to the World Trade Organization, global trade has rebounded beyond all expectations.  

As we start 2022 however, our managing director, Anton Gunter, is warning we are far from sunshine and blue skies as he predicts further stormy weather as the true impact of the global pandemic begins to take effect. 

“It’s absolutely essential that businesses start their new year trading with a degree of preparedness,” he said. 

“Supply chain prices are high; shipping costs are rising and new procedures are continually being introduced as we continue to navigate post Brexit trading with Europe. 

“It’s going to be more important than ever therefore for UK exporters to ensure they are operating prudently and we would highly recommend that they undergo a simple logistics health check to review all aspects of their international trade. 

“It’s a good time to review existing contracts, for example, and for businesses to check they are getting good rates and good value for money, remembering that cheaper isn’t always better. 

“We’d also recommend that companies review all their documentation for importing and exporting and ensure they have all the up-to-date paperwork in place. This will save a lot of hassle and time later down the line. 

“Businesses also need to make sure they have the correct certificates for the goods they are moving and that they have a Letter of Intent in place to ensure they are able to access and use the UK’s Automated Export System. 

“These simple but important checks will ensure that operations continue to run smoothly and minimise any supply chain disruptions. 

“For any business unsure of what they need to have in place or looking to review costs, our team of experts can support with a basic logistics health check so do get in touch with us.” 

Contact the team by email at or call 01952 270699.