Global Freight reports leap in shipped goods

Posted: Tuesday 26th January

Goods worth more than £24 million were moved around the globe by Global Freight in the last year.

Nicole Howarth, MD of Global FreightNicole Gunter, an international trade expert who heads up Telford-based Global Freight, said the firm moved nearly double the value of goods in 2015 than it moved three years ago, attributing the rise to the expansion of the company’s manufacturing client base.

Mrs Gunter established Global Freight more than 20 years ago when she spotted a gap in the market to support small manufacturing firms in the UK which may not have in-house expertise to launch or expand an international trade programme.

She said: “We’re very proud to be a company which supports UK SME manufacturers – we understand their issues, their needs and ultimately, their business.

“Some of the larger SMEs will have international logistics expertise in-house, but the vast majority of the £24m of goods we moved last year across the globe was for smaller manufacturers. These firms may not necessarily be exporting large volumes of product, but perhaps smaller shipments to more locations. This is where we can add value to their business – whether we’re moving component parts by courier to Europe or a consignment of boilers or baths on a container ship to the Far East.

“Exporting for small companies is not all about multi-million pound deals. It can be about a single product, one shipment, one package or one box.”

Global Freight is currently working with a number of SME companies which export and investigating how manufacturers may be able to work together to improve efficiencies and lower costs of moving goods overseas.

“Innovation is vital to business growth, and we’re keen to hear from any SMEs looking to share best practice on international trade and who would like to explore how working together could help them grow their business, and their overseas market.”

Manufacturer Mistral Boilers has enjoyed significant export success, particularly in the Falkland Islands, Chile, New Zealand and France, thanks to its partnership with Global Freight.

Managing director James Wright said: “Getting the right logistics partner is vital for a small manufacturer and it can be the difference between the success or failure of your import and export programme.

“We know we can safely entrust all the red tape and paperwork to Global Freight and it has been one of the major reasons we have captured our own corner of the overseas market.”

Any companies considering or expanding overseas trade can contact Global Freight on 01952 270699 or email

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