Global Freight strengthens global partnerships

Building collaborative partnerships with external organisations is fundamental to business success.

They enable your business to harness the strengths and skills of others to improve outcomes for both you and your clients.

It’s something we’ve always been heavily invested in at Global Freight Services and we’re really proud to be part of two worldwide networks of independent freight forwarders – Freight Lounge and AerOcea Network.

Managing director Anton Gunter said: “Working in collaboration with these networks gives us the ability to work across 170 different countries worldwide.

“It allows us to make sure we have contact points for both imports and exports to and from various countries.

“In the morning I can speak to someone in China and Australia, in the early afternoon Dubai, South Africa and Europe, and by late afternoon, we are in contact with the USA, Canada and the rest of central and South America.

“It gives our customers confidence that we can make sure freight is collected or delivered on time and enables us to provide a much better service all around.

“It also means that we don’t need to be able to speak a million and one different languages. Whilst we do our best to communicate with agents in their language, we’re fortunate that the majority also speak very good English.

“This should come as good news to those businesses looking to export to a foreign country for the first.

“Whilst every effort should go into researching the country and culture of the country you are wanting to export to, being fluent in Spanish or any other language shouldn’t prove a barrier to you starting your international trade journey.

“Learning how to say a simple hello in the native language as well as a few commonly used phrases should be enough to get you on your way.”

Anton recently attended the five-day annual global Freight Lounge conference in Danang, Vietnam.

The event brought together 150 freight forwarding agents representing 100 different countries and it was an opportunity for Global Freight to strengthen existing partnerships and build new ones.

Anton said: “This annual event is an opportunity for us to network on a global scale, get a better understanding of issues impacting on international trade around the world and work together to come up with solutions to ongoing challenges so we can continue to support our customers.”

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