Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Logistics Update

The collapse of The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore last month, in which 3 bridge workers lost their lives and 3 more are presumed dead, has been impacting logistics movements along the US East coast.

Authorities are continuing to work on clearing the blockage of the Patapsco River, while the Port of Baltimore remains inaccessible for containerships. Salvage teams have now started a key stage in clearing the shipping lane, which is to remove containers from the vessel ‘Dali’ that struck the bridge.

Two channels have been cleared in the river that allow small salvage ships to pass, but the port is expected to be out of action until at least the end of May.

Vessels that were enroute to Baltimore at the time of the tragedy were rerouted to other ports on the East Coast, with the majority of containers offloaded in Savannah and Norfolk. However, New York and Norfolk are the ports most likely to take up the slack in sailing schedules going forward, as both are reported to have the space capacity necessary.

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