Vessel Cleared From Baltimore Bridge Wreckage

The containership ‘Dali’, which struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, has been refloated this week, clearing the way for more commercial traffic to move in and out of the port.

Five tugboats were amongst several vessels that moved the ship “under favourable environmental conditions” according to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The vessel lost power and steering on 26th March, before veering into the bridge and collapsing it, which blocked the port from the outside world.

Debris and roadway from the bridge were clearly visible as the heavily damaged ship made a 2.5 mile journey to a nearby terminal, where it will remain for 4/6 weeks before moving to the port of Norfolk for repair.

Large containerships should now able to use a much wider shipping channel to enter and exit Baltimore. However, clearing work will continue in the river until the channel is returned to its full width and all steel is removed from the riverbed.