Is now the right time to start exporting?

Posted: Thursday 23rd September

Running a business has been no easy feat for anyone during the last two years with Covid-19 and Brexit doing its best to derail trade but it would seem here in the UK we are a resilient nation.  

We are innovators and we are ambitious and although our confidence may dip on occasion, more often than not, business owners tend to bounce back with vigour and excitement at the prospect of embracing new opportunities. 

And that is why ‘now’ will always be a good time to think about taking your business international. 

According to the Spring 2021 edition of the Trade Barometer, UK businesses are becoming increasingly global in their ambitions and it’s straight forward enough to understand why. 

Exporting goods and services beyond UK markets can help your business improve its sales, increase its profit margins and spread its risk.  

In fact, research has shown that businesses are far more likely to survive if they export. Add to this the fact that there is huge demand out there for British-made products and exporting suddenly becomes a no brainer. 

However, that’s not to say the process is easy. There are the obvious decisions to make about which markets to export products to and the logistics of how you actually move your goods around the globe. 

But don’t worry, help is at hand. Our recent blog ‘Is your business ready to go international?’ could prove a useful starting point for things to consider. 

Furthermore, our expert team of freight specialists is always on hand to answer your questions and concerns and our newly launched free export mentoring scheme could be an ideal way for your business to start its exporting journey. 

The scheme is designed to provide one-to-one support to business owners so that we can help you de-mystify what can often seem like a complex and challenging step. 

We understand that every business is different and therefore the challenges they face will be different too. Our programme is designed to give you individually tailored advice and those accessing the scheme will be supported for up to six months by our specialist trade advisers. 

If this sounds like it could be for you, then get in touch with us by emailing or call the office on 01952 270699. 

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