As with all new processes and procedures, there are a few basic things you’ll need to get set up within your company to be able to start importing goods from around the globe.

 EORI number

The single most important thing you’ll need is an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI number) that starts with GB to import goods into England, Walesor Scotland.

If you already have an EORI but it doesn’t start with GB, you’ll need to get a new one before you can start importing.

Rules for Northern Ireland changed after Brexit – if you’re moving goods into or out of Northern Ireland, you might need to get an EORI number that starts with XI.

To get an EORI number you will need to be able to show that your business is established in the country you want to import into.

The good news is, it’s really simple to apply for an EORI number and unless any checks are needed on your application, you should receive it within five working days. To apply for yours now visit HMRC here.

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