China Join The Calls For Houthi Attacks To Stop

China have joined in the calls for Houthi Rebels to stop their attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea region, releasing a statement from the Chinese Ministry this week.

The statement, issued after Chinese government held talks with the Yemeni foreign minister, read: “China calls for an end to harassment of civilian ships and maintenance of the safety of waterways in the Red Sea, and is willing to continue to play a constructive role in this regard,”

The timing of the statement coincides with the current supply chain crisis, where Chinese and Asian export production is being severely hampered by severe capacity issues, a shortage of container equipment, and a wave of port congestion.

The supply chain crisis started building when ocean freight carriers had to divert containerships around the Cape Of Good Hope, due to the attacks on shipping in and near the Red Sea.

Ocean freight rates are now spiralling upwards, which will have an adverse effect on the future buying of goods from China.

China is the largest trading partner for Iran by far, which has led to hopes they will have influence over the country that is widely believed to provide support for the Houthi Rebels.

Over 100 vessel attacks have been reported in the Red Sea and surrounding areas since November.