Client: AA Trikes

Posted: Tuesday 6th August

We’d spent weeks hunting for a company which could manage the entire import process from start to finish so we were delighted when someone recommended Global Freight Services. The fact they were located just down the road in Telford was even better.”

Dave Partridge, owner AA Trikes and AwingAway

AA Trikes was set up in 2017 and specialises in converting solo motorbikes into trikes. It is the only Californian Side Cars (CSC) competent installer in the UK. Based in Telford it prides itself on providing a top quality service to customers at home in the UK and abroad.

The challenge:

The specialist kit used by AA Trikes to convert solo bikes to trikes is made by USA-based manufacturers CSC. Its plant is located in Arrington, Virginia, in the States.

AA Trikes needed a freight partner which could manage the entire import process of the kit door to door, including assistance with the necessary paperwork around insurance and customs.

How Global Freight helped:

Global Freight predominantly provides a shipping service for AA Trikes. We collect the kit from CSC’s manufacturing plant in Virginia and then transport it to various east coast ports including New York and Charleston.

The consignment is then shipped into either Manchester or London and upon arrival we arrange for it to be delivered via road to AA Trikes’ workshop in Donnington Wood.

Our real time software means we can keep track of the consignment at all times and update Dave regularly on its progress so he knows exactly when it’s due to arrive.

The customer says:

In less than 12 months we have completed six conversions for customers and each one has required the kit to be imported from the States. We would not have been able to carry out this work without the support of Global Freight.

We struggled to find anyone else who would manage the entire process from start to finish so when Global Freight said they could help we were over the moon. We do nothing but pay the bill at the end.

They sort everything from the physical shipment of the goods to all the necessary paperwork. The software they use enables us to track when the item has left the port and the team are very efficient at letting me know when the kit is due to arrive at the workshop.

As we look to expand our services and markets there is a possibility we will start to export trike conversions outside of the UK. As and when this happens we know Global Freight has the knowledge and experience to help achieve our goals.”

Dave Partridge, owner AA Trikes and AwingAway

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