Case Studies

See below some of our latest client Case Studies and their success story using Global Freight.

“This was a big thing for us. We’d never done this before, but Anton made sure it went as smoothly as possible from day one.” 

About Rebate 

Rebate Conservatories design and manufacture imaginative bespoke timber conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms, and has been creating bespoke glass buildings since 1989. 

The company is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and has developed a reputation for designing quality bespoke structures to meet the customer’s exact needs. 

All of Rebate’s designs are built by the in-house team of highly skilled craftsmen using the best quality hand selected timbers. 

Director Roger Bate said: “Everything we do is bespoke, we don’t do standard projects – some of the other companies market bespoke, but there is a standardisation.” 

The project 

Rebate was approached to provide a bespoke English orangery for the home of an Indian billionaire property developer in Bangalore, 

Roger said: “He has built his own house in Bangalore, which is phenomenal, and he decided he wanted an English orangery. They realised they couldn’t get that locally and it had to be an English company. 

“They have a connection with an interior designer in London called Laura Hammet, who put forward four or five UK companies that would fit the bill for the build. 

“They said they had a good feeling about us and about working with me directly, and they made their decision based on that – and on cost as well, probably.” 

The orangery was the first structure that Rebate had ever exported, and involved transporting steel, timber and glass across thousands of miles.  

The finished room is 81.25 sq m and, unusually, 7.5m high. Roger said: “That’s what makes it so different, the height of it. That’s what gives it this breath-taking look, internally and externally.” 

The orangery was erected on site by a combination of local tradespeople, Roger and two members of his own team and was completed in Autumn 2022.

How Global Freight helped 

Transporting the components of the orangery to India required knowledgeable and specialist freight forwarding, and Roger was very happy with the service he received from Global Freight and its managing director Anton Gunter. 

He said: “Global Freight basically took over everything. Anton made it very, very easy and I thought his fee was reasonable. He was very attentive not only to me but to the team as a whole. 

“I would 100 per cent use Anton again. 

“This was a big thing for us. We’d never done this before, but Anton made sure it went as smoothly as possible from day one.” 

The components were transported to India in two containers – the first, larger one at the start of the year and the second a few months later.  

Roger found Global Freight through Google, but he was aware of the company before starting his search. 

He said: “I think I googled specifically “shipping Telford”, because I knew there was a company in Telford. When Global came up I knew that was the one I wanted.” 

Roger had previously investigated shipping options for his other business, the Little Coffee Bag Company, through Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, and thinks that might be where he had heard the Global name. 

He said he was very pleased with the expert service he had received from Global Freight. “Anton would be my go-to person for anything like that if we needed to do it again,” he said. 

For more information about Rebate Conservatories, visit 


 “It was refreshing when I met Anton to find somebody who was so enthusiastic, keen and basically willing to go the extra mile.” 

Mike Cherry, Director, W.H. Mason & Son Ltd

W.H. Mason & Son Ltd was founded in 1897 and still operates in Burton-on-Trent. Wood is at the heart of the business, although director Mike Cherry, who was national chair of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) until March, explained how it had now diversified into other areas. 

He said: “The manufacturing side has two parts to it. One is the wood turnery side, which continues to provide the wooden closures for the real ale brewers for their cask ales in the UK, the other is very high-quality laser engraved giftware and presentation pieces, B2B, B2C products that individuals or businesses can buy either as promotional items or as gifts for special occasions. 

“We laser engrave onto the products – some of which we manufacture in-house, personal messages, corporate and civic logos, military crests, and everything else in the same way you can put on a piece of paper. 

“They are completely diverse, and it all came out of timber when we were established in 1897. 

“We had a traditional timber merchant side that had its own machining facilities, and we had a sawmill that converted English hardwoods to whatever customers required. That’s where I started, exporting back in the 70s and 80s considerable amounts of timber out to European furniture manufacturers.” 

A separate business, MHC Industrials, was set up in the 1980s as an agent for a German company which made wood turning machinery. That business still sells used machinery, parts and spares. 

 The challenge: 

One of the raw materials used by W.H.Mason & Son Ltd is cane from Vietnam which they manufacture across the brewing industry. 

Mike said: “It is used to vent off the excess gas in the cask before it is hard spiled and served. There is a shive and a spile – the bung and the peg – used by real ale brewers to condition and serve their cask ales. 

“We had previously done it through an agent but the agent either went bust or just gave up during covid, so we had to find a source and supplier ourselves.” 

He said the nature of cane, which is a raw natural product, meant special expertise was needed to import it into the UK. 

 How Global Freight helped: 

Mike had met Global Freight managing director Anton Gunter during a visit with the FSB, and had been impressed by Anton’s attitude to business and customer service. 

Mike said: “It stuck in my mind that if I ever needed someone to help us then we would put a call in, and that’s what we have done. 

“Having come across many freight forwarders and hauliers in my business life, Anton struck me as one who was eager to support customers in importing and exporting.” 

 The customer says: 

“Anton helped us a lot. We had never used a freight forwarder to help us with the shipping before. We went to Anton and asked him if he could help, and he was only too pleased to facilitate that.  

“Global Freight have the knowledge and expertise that we don’t possess in-house. 

“It was refreshing when I met Anton wearing my FSB hat to find somebody who was so enthusiastic, keen, and basically willing to go the extra mile. 

“In our own business we rely on that personal service, as do most small businesses, to keep customers and to grow their businesses, and Anton struck me as someone who was well able to offer that sort of support. 

“Personal service comes above just looking at price, so it’s the value of the offer rather than just price, price, price. Hopefully we offer that to our customers as well.” 

 Mike Cherry, Director, W.H.Mason & Son Ltd 


We’d spent weeks hunting for a company which could manage the entire import process from start to finish so we were delighted when someone recommended Global Freight Services. The fact they were located just down the road in Telford was even better.”

Dave Partridge, owner AA Trikes and AwingAway

AA Trikes was set up in 2017 and specialises in converting solo motorbikes into trikes. It is the only Californian Side Cars (CSC) competent installer in the UK. Based in Telford it prides itself on providing a top quality service to customers at home in the UK and abroad.

The challenge:

The specialist kit used by AA Trikes to convert solo bikes to trikes is made by USA-based manufacturers CSC. Its plant is located in Arrington, Virginia, in the States.

AA Trikes needed a freight partner which could manage the entire import process of the kit door to door, including assistance with the necessary paperwork around insurance and customs.

How Global Freight helped:

Global Freight predominantly provides a shipping service for AA Trikes. We collect the kit from CSC’s manufacturing plant in Virginia and then transport it to various east coast ports including New York and Charleston.

The consignment is then shipped into either Manchester or London and upon arrival we arrange for it to be delivered via road to AA Trikes’ workshop in Donnington Wood.

Our real time software means we can keep track of the consignment at all times and update Dave regularly on its progress so he knows exactly when it’s due to arrive.

The customer says:

In less than 12 months we have completed six conversions for customers and each one has required the kit to be imported from the States. We would not have been able to carry out this work without the support of Global Freight.

We struggled to find anyone else who would manage the entire process from start to finish so when Global Freight said they could help we were over the moon. We do nothing but pay the bill at the end.

They sort everything from the physical shipment of the goods to all the necessary paperwork. The software they use enables us to track when the item has left the port and the team are very efficient at letting me know when the kit is due to arrive at the workshop.

As we look to expand our services and markets there is a possibility we will start to export trike conversions outside of the UK. As and when this happens we know Global Freight has the knowledge and experience to help achieve our goals.”

Dave Partridge, owner AA Trikes and AwingAway

“As we look to increase our export business, we’re safe in the knowledge that we have a great local freight forwarder who can work with us to achieve our goals.”

Nic Laurens, Managing Director, Severn Diamond

Severn Diamond is a specialist provider of diamond tool and abrasive equipment to a diverse range of industries including severn diamondconstruction and the engineering and metalwork sectors. The firm prides itself on offering quality products with exceptional service.

The challenge:

Severn Diamond’s USP is its quick turnaround time from order to delivery. All orders are sent next day free of charge within the UK and expedited to Europe and beyond.

Severn Diamond was experiencing a surge in orders in scale and volume to the Republic of Ireland and needed a freight partner that could meet its fast and high standard of service in a cost effective manner.

How Global Freight helped:

Global Freight predominantly provides a shipping service to Southern Ireland for Severn Diamond. We collect from Severn Diamond’s Shrewsbury base and deliver via pallets using sea and road transport. We ensure all documentation is correctly filed to clear customs.

Our real time software allows Severn Diamond to monitor freight deliveries so it always has an up to date picture to provide to customers if required.

The customer says:

“Providing an exceptional service to our customers is key for us. Orders were picking up in the Republic of Ireland and we needed to move away from our usual form of carrier to a freight company that could deal with large pallets, yet still deliver a quick service.

“Global Freight deals with everything from the point of collection to delivery – we just tell them the size and the weight of the load and they do the rest. They are always prompt and their pricing is clear. As a Shropshire based firm, it is important to us to keep as much business in the county as we can, so working with Global Freight ticked that box too. As we look to increase our export business, we’re safe in the knowledge that we have a great local freight forwarder who can work with us to achieve our goals.”

Nic Laurens, Managing Director, Severn Diamond

“Global Freight’s knowledge of the import/export business has made our expansion into overseas trade much less of a frightening proposition and given us the confidence to explore more of that market than we would have done on our own.”

Rebekah Gutteridge, Operations Director, Hospital Direct (Marketing) Ltd.

logo-hdHospital Direct is the UK’s most innovative design and manufacturing specialist in the field of patient handling equipment and has an international market through its online business,

Based in Shropshire, the firm supplies the NHS, local authorities and people who are keen to live independently in their own homes. Global Freight had previously worked with Hospital Direct on an ad hoc basis but have provided a full import and export service to the firm for the past two and a half years.

The challenge:

Hospital Direct was looking for support to expand the import and export element of its business. The firm imports products from Europe and the Far East as part of their UK distribution efforts for a well-known Swiss medical devices company, and exports to Europe and the rest of the world.

How Global Freight helped:

Recommending the most effective form of transport for deliveries being made overseas and completing all the relevant documentation to clear customs in and out of each country.

We recently used our specialist knowledge to help Hospital Direct secure the most cost effective solution on a import deal from China, saving the firm money.

Real time software allows Hospital Direct to monitor their incoming and outgoing freight so the business always has an up to date picture to help them plan and progress their orders.

The customer says:

We were already importing and exporting in a small way when we first approached Global Freight but it is a complex area and we knew that it could be improved.

Working with Global Freight has helped us to develop this side of our business and streamline the purchase and delivery of products that we buy and sell overseas.

Thomas and Fontaine supply reusable silage netting to farmers and merchants in the UK and overseas.

Secure Covers are made from the highest quality, finely woven, UV stable polyethylene mesh. In use, the Secure Cover is placed over the normal polythene silage sheet and weighted only at the edges and joins. Once fitted, Secure Covers’ unique construction disperses wind gusts ensuring that the silage sheet remains in place on the silage pit.

By ensuring that the silage sheet is kept in close contact with the silage, a Secure Cover will effectively reduce surface waste. The finely woven mesh helps prevent bird damage to the silage sheet and when pulled down stops birds feeding on the feed face.

The problem:

As we are already involved in many of Thomas and Fontaine’s freight movements it was a natural decision to contact us when on a recent trip to the Far East Mr Fontaine was involved in helping a local farmer to find a combine harvester. On returning to the UK he found the perfect machine and asked if we could ship it to Japan for them..

The solution:

We liaised with the supplier to have the machine delivered on a low loader to Southampton port ensured all cargo was clearly marked/ labelled and provided all port documentation.
Due to the size of the cargo freight was booked as Ro/Ro on the Asian Parade vessel to Yokohama port, Japan.
We insured the freight as requested with our online CNA full marine insurance facility.
Completed all relevant documentation to ensure the customer could clear and take ownership of the freight.
Couriered all original documentation direct to the consignee in Japan.

What the customer has to say:

“We have been working with Global Freight for over 11 years and are always impressed with their service, level of specialised knowledge and friendliness. Whether it be imports, exports or cross trade, Europe, North America, China, Australia the Middle East or within the UK we know that any queries will be answered straight away. We would not use anyone else.”

Chillie Breeze has been trading since 2005 selling decorative items and giftware to world class exclusive hotels in the United Arab Emirates..

The problem:

We were contacted by one of the owners Jules to help with the transportation of the goods from the UK to her business partner Diane in Dubai. Having never exported before she was unsure of the complications of getting the goods there in a timely and safe manner. Jules was concentrating on scouring the UK and far afield places to find the perfect items to sell in Dubai. Having many suppliers and no warehouse facilities she had no where for goods to be shipped to.

The solution:

We have all the UK and European freight delivered into our warehouse where it is decided how the freight is to be moved by either air freight or sea freight depending on its urgency.
Freight is consolidated and packed for export.
Goods are moved to Dubai and cleared and delivered to destination as required.
Goods coming from worldwide destinations are collected from the supplier direct and moved by either airfreight or sea freight depending again on urgency and delivered through to destination as required.

What our customer has to say:

“As a new Company starting up, I was delighted to have found Global Freight. Nicole and her team helped us through all the complicated procedures that accompany exporting. Now three years on they keep me updated with new regulations and customs requirements that are being implicated and changed. It is great to have things explained in manner that is not only professional but friendly. “I have such a great working relationship with Global that I have recommended them to other Companies frequently”

Mark Richards is regarded as one of the UK’s finest portrait sculptors. Following art school in London, an apprenticeship to architectural sculptor A.J Ayres and, from 1991-94, as Senior Sculptor at Madame Tussauds, Richard now works out of studios in Herefordshire and London, where his portrait sculpture continues a tradition of exquisite detail in likeness and finish.

The problem:

Mark is a regular customer of ours and he came to us when he had a shipment ready to send to Norway. Not only did he need this packing but he also had a piece that he had repaired and needed sending back to Norway which had originally been shipped in under temporary import.

We packed his sculpture and organised all the documentation needed to ensure the repaired freight was released from its temporary import bond and delivered without any duty charges.

The solution:

We packed his sculpture and organised all the documentation needed to ensure the repaired freight was released from its temporary import bond and delivered without any duty charges. Shipment was moved to Norway and delivered to the customer successfully.

What the customer has to say:

“I make bronze sculptures which are shipped to customers and venues in the UK and around the world. Many of these works are one offs and I place a lot of trust in my shipping Company to deliver them safely and on time. The team at Global Freight make it all seem easy. Reliable and competitively priced, they deal with my complicated demands in an efficient and straightforward manner”.

Mark Richards FRBS