All wrapped up – our top tips to help your business grow

A 25th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of silver; however, we’re always open to doing things a bit differently here — so, we’re presenting a gift to you instead! 

With numerous years of experience across business, shipping, and exporting, we’ve learnt a fair amount between us. As part of the run down to our official anniversary day (July 26th), we thought we would share our top business tips for success. 

Words matter 

We love getting to know our customers — and that usually starts with a simple conversation. We know that our words, whether spoken or written, matter so we make sure everything that we say counts.  
We value conversations with our customers, employees, and suppliers. 

But it’s not just about the people we already know that are listening to our words. Potential customers are everywhere! That’s why we are always mindful about what we are saying, and to who, as you never know who you might be speaking to.  

We also make sure all our stories in the media are top notch by working with a great PR agency that understands our busines, people and industry to get our stories told far and wide.  

Trust the experts 

We use trusted experts to ensure everything we do runs smoothly, but there are always things to be mindful of as a business owner. 

You need to know your facts — and your figures. Having a general overview of your company’s income and expenditure will give you so much more insight into your business operations.  

Setting up and maintaining your computer systems and records is vital too. But make sure you have a back-up!  

In a growing digital world, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your technology is key and it’s going to be the digital experts that have that level of knowledge to help you.  

Business mindset 

Most people don’t go into business on a whim. You need to believe in whatever it is you’re selling, whether it’s a product or a service, and sharing that belief will be sure to reap benefits.  
But don’t keep quiet to those closest to you either. Telling your team that you trust and believe in them will boost morale and bring a great team dynamic to the workplace. 

When asked for their top business tip, one of our team said; “If in doubt, go for it — you never know what you don’t know until you know and try it”, and we have to say we agree. 
Having a great business mindset means giving anything a try, as it will either be a success, or you’ll learn a valuable lesson. 

The human touch 

Regardless of how successful your business is, don’t forget we’re all human. 
If a customer chooses to stop using your service, don’t hold a grudge, you never know when their next supplier might let them down and they come back. 

It’s also important to make sure your customers know that you’re working together, rather than just trying to make money. Not everything has to be about profit — helping others will be key to your reputation, which in turn will inevitably lead to more sales as well. 

And remember that everyone has good and bad days. Be kind, be calm and be understanding — a little goes a long way when someone is having a bad day. 

And when all else fails, there’s always coffee. Grabbing a cuppa with a colleague can build trust, open communication channels and you never know what interests you might have in common.  

We’ve built our business on all the above tips and have developed a fantastic team to look after our customers and suppliers every step of the way. We’re looking forward to celebrating our 25th year of business with you all this month — and will assume our gift of silver is in the post! 

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