Global Freight furnishes a solution for Azerbaijan project

Posted: Friday 28th June

Award-winning Global Freight has successfully completed a major project for London-based “R Interiors” that involved the careful transportation of over half a million pounds worth of furniture to the Azerbaijan capital, Baku.

From the contract start autumn last year, Telford-based Global Freight quickly worked with R Interiors to define the parameters of the project which included the receipt of furniture goods from a number of global manufacturers and suppliers; the careful storage of all goods until the order was complete; and then culminated in the transportation of the goods to Baku, where R Interiors were working on an interior design project at a private residence.

Whilst the goods were on-site in Telford, Global Freight ensured appropriate insurance cover for the valuable consignment and approached the packing of the completed order in such a way as to not only ensure its safe and secure onward journey, but also load all the items so that they replicated the packing list to enable ease of unpacking once they arrived in Baku.

Speaking on the completion of the project, General Manager of R Interiors Bill Weir said: “When it came to looking for a shipping partner to support us on this project, we spoke to a number of suppliers, but Global Freight’s enthusiasm and relevant experience quickly made them the clear choice to work with. We were keen to
find a partner who could help us through the whole process, not least of all accepting all the stock as it filtered through over a number of months. The fact that they had previously worked with interior designers was also reassuring as it demonstrated that they appreciated the goods they were handling.

“I feel sure that when we have a similar overseas project in the future, we’ll look to Global Freight for their support.”

Managing director of Global Freight, Nicole Howarth, added: “It was a huge privilege to work on this project with R Interiors as they entrusted us to be such a pivotal part of the overall process. We demonstrated that we’re not simply in the business of getting goods from A to B, but that we are also experienced in overseeing safe receipt, storage, re-packing and onward delivery that a complex project such as this demands.”

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